Customized solution to create and manage hosting products

Having as a goal convenience and needs of both providers and consumers, Websa allows you to create and manage products, services, billing, monitoring, sales, and customer support. Developed on a modern technology stack, Websa is created as a flexible, customizable and extensible tool that can adapt to the increasing needs and demands of customers and providers.

Expand hosting business

Set an easy-to-configure cloud management system once, and focus on your business goals further on.

Serve clients best

Equip your support team with the integrated help desk system. Be available for your clients, whenever needed.

Optimize infrastructure

Manage your infrastructure, adjust it according to your vision using advanced admin user interface. Monitor how it goes and balance the load.

Websa has a full range of tools for creating and managing Cloud Servers:

  • Supporting multiple data centers and regions

  • Configuration and pricing management

  • Creating servers based on the pre-defined distributions and pre-created snapshots

  • Managing SSH keys when creating the server

  • Bulk creation of servers

  • Creating and managing periodic and manual backups

  • System condition monitoring

  • Connecting to the server’s VNC console

Secure data storage suitable for projects of different degrees of load. Based on OpenStack Swift, the storage is compliant with the Amazon S3 REST API, which allows you to use many existing libraries and software solutions:

  • Storage management via API and web interface

  • Dimensionless storage — you can use as much space as you need at the moment, without the need to upgrade or downgrade

  • Use of Cloud Storage as origin for CDN service

  • Storage usage statistics

  • FTP access

Content delivery and distribution network management in Websa is a powerful and convenient tool for managing CDN services, which includes:

  • Pool zones management

  • Assigning multiple domains to each pool zone

  • Managing certificates for domains, monitoring the dates of certificate validity period, use of Shared SSL certificates

  • Cache management (full or partial cleaning)

  • TTL (Time To Live) management

  • Rules for processing GET request parameters

  • Processing request headers (cache control, CORS)

  • Work with HTTPS (adapted to forced redirection) and HTTP/2 protocols

  • Protection against hotlinking

  • Use of Cloud Storage as origin

  • Origin Shield – the use of other CDN nodes as a source of files to reduce the load on the origin server

Managing DNS records using anycast technology. Anycast DNS has the following advantages:

  • High level of reliability and fault tolerance: failure of any node does not lead to failure of the service as a whole

  • High response speed due to optimization of the packet movement

  • Augmented stability to DDoS attacks

  • Hourly (for Cloud Servers) and monthly (for other services) payment

  • An ability to deposit via: Stripe, Paypal, Interkassa

  • Trial period

  • Registration bonuses

  • Monitoring the current expenditure

Account Management

Many users can be assigned to each account. Automatic user validation of the following contact information: email and phone number (SMS validation).


Communication with users regarding their requests, problems, and bugs via the embedded ticket system.

Admin Panel

For hosting administrators and owners, Websa offers an admin panel where you can make the most subtle settings of the system behavior; manage users, infrastructure and finances.

For detailed information about Websa or purchase it, please contact us.