Clearly arranged project management system

Scales is the evolution of a tried and tested approach that proved to be highly effective in working with projects and customers. With responsive and configurable units, the ability for fine-tuning the rights, notifications, track progress and problem report.


Scales applies the best practices in project management, with emphasis on the user experience.


Scales is an effective approach to task management when working with projects and clients.


Scales is an evolution of the internal project management system fine-tuned on big company processes.

Info: Scales is still at the prototype stage.

Scales tasks consist of information blocks that define and control business processes:

  • The information block system allows you to configure the system for various tasks flexibly — from customer support to performing work tasks, procurement, etc.

  • Ability to reuse templates and information blocks

  • Company, project and task tree

  • Advanced capabilities of category management

  • Milestones

  • Tracking the status and progress of tasks

Flexible users and rights management tool that provides a full access control over each system element and function.

  • Role based rights management for every element, task, section and ticket in the system

  • Permission groups, ability to perform bulk changes

  • Template based access management, ability to manage and reuse templates

For detailed information about Scales, please contact us.